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How can you gain exceptional advantage
for your company?

With MarketPower…of course!

(Like you weren’t expecting us to endorse ourselves on our own website?)

So here’s the story: MarketPower® is a unique integrated marketing consultancy — we help you think it through, and get it done. Giving you a caffeinated blend of smarter strategic thinking and more powerful marketing execution.

From PowerBranding and smarter strategic thinking…to impactful presentations and marketing campaigns. Product development and business development. A fresh point of view with a foot-long list of experience.

When we walk through the door we won’t tweet more...we’ll think more and tweak more. And act fast. We’ll first produce branding and marketing approaches that work better. We’ll tweak or reinvent your product/service offerings and campaigns so they have impact on your prospects and customers. Then we’ll use all kinds of tools to engage, convert, and cross-sell your prospects.

We work with the largest and smallest companies in America and beyond. The Fortune 500...the SMB “Fortune 500,000”…start-ups… non-profits… and Mom & Pops. We’re a virtual agency, and have always been one. We select a small team of smart, talented humans for every client program, lead by Joel Alpert our fearless leader. Our team or yours -- we work with companies, agencies, consulting firms, and all kinds of smart players. (Psssst! We produce higher-quality work at more competitive prices. And e partner up with all kinds of agencies and consultants, and help you look good, white-label or transparent.)
Some of our stuff is awesome-epic award-winning. Some doesn’t have to be super-slick, but is right on target and stealthily strong. Whether its image, engagement or response…it’s designed to be powerful and practical. Giving you tools that produce results.
We work with you to find out what’s working. We make a point of being straightforward in our conversations and recommendations.

There’s more to tell, but you may already see… all this is an exceptional advantage.

MP — spike MP — spike MP — spike

We’ve worked on a very wide range of programs, for many kinds of companies. Some of our specialty work includes…

Another website redesign? Nope. This is PowerBranding.

Focus. Differentiate. Market more effectively.
This process is completely different. Way better. Fast. We do a deep dive into discovering -- or inventing -- the real essence of your brand.

Not just colors and slicker homepage sliders.
None of this “bring in the designer to create the logo” at the end of the process stuff. Forget it, that’s insanity. Or, at least, uninformed.

We’re talking transformation of the way you think about your company. How you talk about it. How you do your marketing. How you present to prospects. And cross-sell to customers.

We help you build you brand from the ground up, with a fast, but organized strategic thinking process.
From your brand story…
logos and tagline...
tweaking your products and services to match the motivations of your audience…
website reinvention and architecture (to reflect those interests)…
sales and investor presentations...
certified direct response expertise for email and direct mail…
advertising and promotions…
trade shows and conferences…
to product or service tweaking...
customer service…
with a fresh branding focus that affects just about every communication you do.

Providing instant reaction and engagement. Waking up your marketing. Inbound. Outbound. Spiralbound. Guerrilla. Pretty much any kind of digital, print, or sales and marketing approaches we help you invent.

It’s a signature program which combines the strategic thinking tools developed by Robert Fritz, Inc., and the practical creative smarts of MarketPower. If you’re looking for brand identity that will powerfully influence all areas of your business -- and you want to get it done right, and very quickly -- you’ll want to start here.

(Some perspective on “why you need to
start with strong branding first.

View JOEL Alpert, Branding + Marketing Wizard's profile on LinkedIn

PowerPlanningSMYour Strategic Action Plan
Moving upstream on the continuum of branding is business strategy. But we’re not talking about 3-ring binder babble here, with boilerplate and peripheral blah-blah-blahwe’re talking about specific action steps to build your overall success.

This is another kind of business strategy, where we’ll work together to organize your business efforts for success...with a very different kind of consulting process resulting your practical Strategic Action Plan. Based on your company — not cut-and-paste background material just found on Google, that’s supposed to represent your business. And you may want to know that we rarely use SWOT Analysis (the blog will tell you why).

  • It’s about how your products and services fit into the marketplace, or can create a new market.
  • What’s the current market, and is it changing?
  • How do people know about your business?
  • Why do they decide to work with your company?
  • Are there products and services you want to develop or reinvent, to meet marketplace demands?
  • Are there regulatory issues that come into play? Are your sales and marketing presentations disjointed, or synergistic?

We will examine the key elements of your business, and ensure they are aligned and working well together, or moving in that direction with a plan. We’ll straighten out snags in internal processes, address people issues, and more. Completely customized to your interests. And supported as long as you’d like.

It’s not a pro forma “Business Plan” with magic wand financial projections that you would present to a banker or landlord, to rationalize your potential projections for earnings. It’s the path you need to take, to develop those earnings.

This breakthrough strategic thinking process has been developed by consulting innovators Robert Fritz, Inc., and merges with MarketPower’s branding and marketing expertise. This process is speedy fast…and can readily evolve. If you want to build a strong foundation for growth…you’ll want to start here.

(Some soupy perspective:
why you need to take a fresh look
at your strategic planning.

Award-winning Marketing Concepts. Copywriting. Creative Direction.
Digital. Print. Anything from website to t-shirts. Email to trade show booth. Direct mail to slide deck.
And when you have a rush campaign to produce, and we know your products and services, don’t blink…we’re fast.

We’ve impacted hundreds of client programs with our powerful creative work…

  • website architecture…to branding and full site content
  • inbound content to engage…outbound programs to close
  • sales collateral…to sales & investor presentations
  • segmented emails…to 2D & 3D direct mail
  • conference and trade show concepts…through logistics and management
  • video and photography…from shooting & direction through editing
  • trade shows exhibits & promotion…to tweets
   …and much more.

Among the professional recognition of our peers, we’re proudest of our 27 Gold and Silver Awards presented by the Direct Marketing Association for the challenging combination of Strategy, Creativity, and Results.You can connect with Joel on
LinkedIn, to see some examples of the jazzier pieces.

Direct Response
Another specialty is Direct, so we can help you close sales results from your inbound marketing content and social campaigns.
Joel Alpert is our fearless leader, and his credentials include Certified Direct Marketer (PDM). He’s considered an industry leader in Atlanta’s DM community, producing leading work, active in developing trade associations and a signature award program.

He’s also a Certified Business Communicator (via BMA). And a Structural Dynamics Consultant (via Robert Fritz, Inc.). With more certifications in the works.

LinkedIn Profiles & Workshops
Your personal and company branding starts on LinkedIn. Make that presence count. Personal profiles for you and your entire team. Company Pages. Marketing. Workshops (this is a great business-building tool for your company).

You can also visit Joel’s blog posts on LinkedIn (via Joel’s profile, connect while you’re there)topics including value of branding, mistakes to avoid, thinking freshly, gaining value with LinkedIn, and more:

Executive Coaching
Using Structural Dynamics tools that get to the bottom of any issue quickly. Business or personal issues. We figure out that’s driving your thinking, and create a path towards what you want...not in one year, but in one focused session. Ongoing coaching support available, too.

The new site will show you more, but you got the idea. MarketPower is based in Atlanta, and we have worked with companies across America and across the globe. We work with agencies, consulting firms, and all kind of marketing professionals who bring us in to work as part of their team. We work flexibly as an Agency, a small consultancy, in the roles of Part-Time CMO, Branding Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Freelance…call it what you like. From help with a program…to change leadership.

coffee mug-white
We can send some pdfs. Have an actual conversation. Do a screen share. Grabba coffee (in person or online).

If you have the sense that some of this stuff could energize your company’s sales and marketing efforts…get in touch. Or just join Joel’s network on LinkedIn, that’s easy.

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